250 Word Challenge

250 words

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scattered Start

I have given every excuse not to write in the past. The overwhelming feeling of the task. Now that my creative juices are flowing and my passion is ignited it's about when. I feel guilty now like I should be cleaning the house or finishing that work project that I am half way through. I am amongst the 2% on America without TV so I can trade my TV time for writing time?

It is a fine line trying to balance it all out. Fighting your thoughts, chores and everything in between. Gal 3:10 strikes me between the eyes, I cannot do this task alone. Proverbs 16:3...I commit my work to the Lord.

Here I begin, grabbing every book I can on writing in every free moment I have. Blogging is my trial space, technology is my friend.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love writing, always have but now I feel the call to write in a more serious way. It is scary putting your work out there. It would be far easier to write in a cocoon where no one gets to judge your work or send you a plethora of rejection slips.

This blog is a safe place where people that are growing in their writing skills can get writing tips and answers to questions about writing, grammar and the industry. So today is the start of a journey that can take years. Come along for the story of your life, you may turn into a butterfly.