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250 words

Sunday, May 23, 2010

250 Words a Day Challenge

Today I am being intentional about taking writing to the next level. I have spent the last 6 months reading about writing technique and now I have to begin the application. I have set myself the challenge of writing 250 words per day for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully publishing this journey will give me some accountability and an outlet for sharing the journey.

One of the greatest obstacles will be how to start. Do I play it safe and create an outline that maps perfectly into a book or do I take the road less travelled, the organic adventure of dreaming up the story as I go.

I just watched Avatar produced and directed by James Cameron, the place that movie takes you too in terms of imagination and the possibilities is out of this world. Floating mountains, blue skinned people with tails that connect to nature and imagined animals. It pushes you into the world of make belief so much so that you are wrapped up in the Navi people and caught in the land of Pandora. Kudos to the mile long cast for an excellent movie set in a land of enchantment. I think based on this I am going to go the road less travelled and write as I go and then cut away and edit again and again.

There is a compulsion to tell inside of me. I am not sure yet on the content but if I sit at the keys and at the feet of my heavenly Father long enough, I know it will come. Not that the 250 words a day badge on this blog is that important to me however for the sake of integrity, it will have to come hurtling off this blog if I am unable to maintain the word count.

This post meets my quota and less is more. Thank you to Inkygirl.com for the resource and challenge.

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