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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


What comes to mind when you think of a journey? Perhaps a road, perhaps the path of life, perhaps a progression or growth. By definition it is traveling from one place to another. We are all on some kind of journey. Some have mile stones, some have destinations. Do you know where you are heading? What and who takes up the journey. Have you smelt the roses today, this week, this month?

Will your journey leave a legacy, if so what kind of legacy? Are you on a marathon or is this a 5k? Are you on a 5k when you should be on a marathon. Do you face the world alone and pretend like you have a perfectly good journey ahead of you (you were planning it that way.) Is your journey up the corporate ladder, how many rungs can I climb? What happens when i get to the top, what has been lost at the bottom. What about the journey of health and beauty? Is it balanced or are you prey to the magazines and what they tell you?

How did you define your journey. Who is responsible? Do you even think about the journey at all? Who does your life touch? Who touches your life? What is the journey about, have you answered that deep in your inner most being?

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  1. Wow, lots of questions there! Ok, I'm responsible for my own journey. Yes, the journey is the most important part. I don't know yet - I hope lots of readers! My family. The journey is about self-growth. Great questions! Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)